This FORT PKAN research study is being conducted at hospitals in the United States, and plans are to open it in the other regions in the EU and North America.

While the Sponsor, medical researchers and study team of this FORT PKAN research study make every effort to ensure that all suitable patients be considered for taking part, sometimes due to reasons of geography and other factors it may not be possible to take part in this study.

If you live in a country not included in the above list please contact your own doctor to see what treatments may be available to you.

About this PKAN Study

The FORT Study will assess how well an investigational study drug works in people with pantothenate kinase-associated neurodegeneration (PKAN). If you/your child are 6–65 years of age, have been diagnosed with PKAN and do not require a ventilator, you/your child may be able to take part. Other medical criteria must be met before you/your child can join the study, which will be assessed by the study team.

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